Welcome to Diaryofastocktrader.com an investing blog for beginners to experts. The web-site is not a stock picking site, and by no means would I recommend any. I believe with research and understanding of how the stock market functions, the average person can be a better investor, and more confident with their choices, once they have the fundamentals in place.

Fear, anxiety, and lack of understanding are not good qualities for any investor at any age. Every, investor should have a basic understanding of basic math, and simple investing principles. Once those are in place, then the next level is achieved, and confidence, calmness, and a clear understanding of how the stock market works becomes more present.

Diaryofastocktrader.com is based on a few principles:
1. Love the Return! Not the Stock! – (Basically, don’t be greedy.)
2. The reward is in the research – (Do your own research, and it will build your confidence.
3. Caveat Emptor – (Buyer Beware!)

Now a little info about the author of this web-site. I’ve enjoyed stocks from around the age of twelve. Following, the stock market has been one of my passions, and trying to understand it’s complexity. Yes, I’m an investor today in the markets, and thought it would be beneficial to keep a timely blog for myself, but also share it with others to help them along, and share investing strategies along the way.

Over the years, I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with Honors in Political Science. Afterwards, continuing my education and graduating from McGill University, in two fields these being International Business Management and Marketing.

The educational background has helped me to understand the markets better, politically, economically and socially around the world. Remember, as a whole we affect every investment decision around the world, and sometimes we need to understand things on the micro and macro level to better navigate to investment success.

Sam Latella~ Love the Return! Not the Stock!

E-mail: contact@diaryofastocktrader.com

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