G = Growth
O = Oil
T = Trump
T = Trade Wars
I = Italy

Looking at trends short term (3 months) medium term (1 year etc), These are the trends that I’m seeing from headlines curated on my web-site at

The – GOTTI – effect (Yes, it’s my own acronymn LOL!).

The trends will effect markets, and most are obvious.

G = Growth: Every industrial country is looking for growth realizing that monetary policy is finally coming to an end and that fiscal policy, spending, and tax reform needs to be addressed.

O = Oil: A new OPEC deal prices moving higher with oil in the short term possibly.

T= Trump Effect: Enough said on this! Could change once the inauguration happens.

T = Trade Wars: possibly emerging between the Industralized countries.

I = Italian Referendum: Another vote against the status quo like Brexit, and Trump? Basically a vote against the continued monetary policies in the Euro zone the end of Central Bankers stimulus.

My two cents!
Sam Latella